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School governors and staff members work together to ensure that we can provide the best possible education for your child. A detailed policy for each area of the curriculum and religious education is in place and reviewed periodically. Some of these are informed by the Tower Hamlet’s curriculum statement and guidance which have been adopted by the governing body.

The school’s allocation of the Pupil Premium is used to address priorities identified from these policy reviews.  A report prepared by the school highlighting its policy with special educational needs, and how this is being implemented is also available.  A brief report on the school’s sport funding premium can also be downloaded.

Policies are also in place for many non-curricular areas of school life and are also available in the school office. The headteacher would be happy to discuss any policies with you or provide further details. If you have ideas about areas for which a policy needs to be developed then please see a governor or the headteahcer.

Below are links for downloading a number of policies that you may find useful.

  1. Accessibility Plan
  2. Anti Bullying
  3. Assessment and marking (including presentation)
  4. Attendance policy
  5. Behaviour and discipline
  6. Charging and subsidy
  7. Child protection (please see Safeguarding and child protection below)
  8. Complaints procedures
  9. Data protection
  10. Drugs and substance misuse
  11. e-Safety
  12. Fire evacuation procedures
  13. First aid information for parents
  14. Freedom of information
  15. Gender and relationship education
  16. Handwriting
  17. Headlice
  18. Health and safety
  19. Healthy lunch (booklet)
  20. Home school agreement
  21. Home-learning (homework)
  22. Intimate care and nappy changing
  23. Leave during term time
  24. Lettings/hiring of school premises
  25. Life-skills session
  26. Looked after children
  27. Medical and first aid
  28. Pack lunch
  29. Photos in school
  30. Privacy notice – staff, governors & volunteers
  31. Privacy notice – pupils and parents
  32. Pupil premium
  33. Restraining a pupil
  34. Risk assessment
  35. Safeguarding and child protection
  36. Single equality plan
  37. Social media
  38. Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)
  39. Staff behaviour policy
  40. Staff dress code
  41. Trips, residentials and visits
  42. Uncollected children
  43. Uniform (for pupils)
  44. Unpaid and special leave (for staff members)
  45. Volunteers in school
  46. Whistleblowing

Paper versions of these policies and other material published on this website can be obtained from the school at no cost by parents/carers.