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Curriculum, clubs and home-learning

Bigland Green’s curriculum document can be downloaded from this link.  Parents are provided with further information at the termly CANDO meetings, including how they can support the learning of their children.

Bigland Green offers a broad and balanced curriculum.  Pupils are taught all the subjects of the national curriculum including religious education.  The school wants pupils to be curious and enjoy their learning.  The school curriculum aims to develop enquiring minds and the personal qualities for children to be good citizens of the world, and a strong sense of their own nationality and culture as a citizens of the United Kingdom.

The essence of fundamental British values (referred to as ‘Big Values’ at Bigland Green) are the bedrock of the curriculum.  The school uses ‘Big Thinking’ (philosophy for children or P4C) to help children acquire these skills in a planned and systematic manner.  The school curriculum aims to develop all the skills children will need in order to confidently face the world of tomorrow.

Teaching reading and Early Years Foundation Stage

The school uses its Learning Mission to develop and embed key basic skills.  The teaching of talking, reading, writing and computing is emphasised.  The school uses ‘letters and sounds’ phonics programme alongside other strategies to teach reading.  The school’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is organised so that children are supported with early language development, and the development of other basic skills.

Enrichment activities to support the curriculum

The school curriculum focuses on a combination of academic and personal learning. The curriculum is enriched with visits and trips and all pupils are expected to take part. Field studies and residential trips are organised for older pupils as part of the school curriculum. The school has established a tradition of involving visiting artists and local businesses to enhance and enrich the curriculum.  Pupils’ who are more able or have special educational needs receive additional support to achieve their potential.  The school is part of Global School Partnership and has links with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Parents are very welcome to meet their child’s classteacher to find out more about the curriculum and obtain verbal reports on the progress that their child is making at school. The school organises three formal parent conferences during each academic year.

It also offers a wide range of clubs for children across the school. Please click on this link to find out more about clubs and sports that are on offer this term.


Bigland Green Home Learning  packs provide high quality homework linked to what pupils are learning at school to consolidate their learning.  Click on the link to find out more.