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Classes and curriculum overview

Please click to see the staff deployment overview for 2018/19 and how the school is organised. The sixteen Classes in the school are each named after a tree.

Pupils are allocated to classes ensuring a good balance of gender, ethnicity, learning needs and friendship. Twins are usually not allocated to the same class. At the beginning of each academic year, the school reviews and swaps pupils as necessary.

Pupils in Year 2 to 6 are taught English and mathematics in three sets.  The sets are organised to provide maximum support to pupils’ learning needs.  Some are organised according to ability and others are mixed ability.  The school also operates a house system which is used for a range of purposes including grouping pupils.

Each class has up to 30 pupils. In each of the Nursery and Reception classes there is a teacher, a full-time nursery officer and a full-time teaching assistant. All the other classes have a teacher and a full-time teaching assistant.  Pupils who need one-to-one help are supported by a learning support assistant.

The school has specialist teachers for (a) art and design, (b) music, and (c) physical education.  There is a specialist teaching assistant for health and sports; and another for speech and language support across the school.  There are two highly trained teachers, and two teaching assistants to teach reading to pupils who need additional support.

Please see the headteacher or the team leader if you want more information or want to find out how your child is being supported in the school.

Curriculum overview

Please click the name of your child’s class below to see what they will be learning this term (Summer 2019) and how you can help.  For an yearly overview of the school curriculum kindly click on this link.

  Class name
Nursery Larch and Hazel
Reception Fir and Elder
Year 1 Lime and Cherry
Year 2 Pine and Chestnut
Year 3 Beech and Ash
Year 4 Maple and Birch
Year 5 Willow and Poplar
Year 6 Redwood and Oak

At the beginning of each term the school organises meetings for each year group to discuss what pupils will be learning and how parents can help. These meeting are called CANDO (come and find out). The school expects both parents to attend the CANDO meetings.

Learning to read…

‘Learning to Read’ is an initiative to promote reading across the curriculum which takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00 and 9:15 AM.  Pupils read in their classes, older pupils read to younger children and everyone in the school community is involved in reading.  Parents are encouraged and welcome to take part in their child’s class or in another class as they wish.

Please note that the school office is closed during Learning to Read.

Special class projects

Field Study Trip

All Year 6 pupils spend one week at a field study trip.  A field study trip is organised for Year 5 as well. For more information please ask in the school office.